Each culture has different telephone etiquette, and while living in an English speaking country and studying English at the Oxford English Academy you will definitely have to speak to native English speakers over the phone.

Here are 6 solid English telephone etiquette tips you should abide by.

1. Always identify yourself at the beginning of all calls.

A) Simply say ‘Hello’ and state your name, “Hello, Syndi here.”  Do not answer by using words such as “yeah” or “yes.”

C) When placing a call, always state your name along with the name of the person you are calling, “Hello, my name is John.  May I please speak to Jane Smith?”

2. Be sensitive to the tone of your voice.

To improve your spoken English and pronunciation, use a personal tape recorder to privately record your own conversations. You will then hear how you sound to others.

3. Think through exactly what you plan to say and discuss BEFORE you place a call.

Jot down the items you want to discuss and questions you want to ask. In this way you will have time to look up difficult English words and feel a lot more confident when speaking over the phone.

4. Do not allow interruptions to occur during conversations. Do not carry on side conversations with other people around you. This will make you lose your concentration and you will end up making grammar mistakes or forgetting certain words you wanted to use.

5. Especially when leaving messages, speak clearly and slowly. Do not use broken phrases, slang or idioms. Always leave your return telephone number as part of your message, and S-L-O-W-L-Y, repeat your telephone number at the end of your message. Practice leaving your number by saying it aloud to yourself as slowly as you have heard an informational operator say it.

6. Get into the habit of always turning off your cell phone ringer when entering a restaurant, theatre, training class or other place.

This is especially important where the purpose of your visit would be interrupted or others would be disturbed by hearing your cell phone ring.

Happy Practicing!