I have four amazing students who are very eager to learn English. They come to school everyday and like getting homework. They remind me about the homework and I quip: “I haven’t forgotten you know.” I hold up the pages and then they start laughing. They come from Luanda, Angola. They are so proud of their country and speak enthusiastically about it. They talk about their currency, the Kwanza, and that the American dollar can also be used for exchange and purchase of goods. It was interesting to know.

Today the students were doing writing, speaking, listening, reading and revision of grammar to prepare them for the test next week.

I have been doing pronunciation with them and it’s delightful to watch them attempting to get it right. The “th” sound they find daunting but they do it enthusiastically and the laughter that follows makes it worthwhile.

I encourage students to do English reading as much as they can so that they can understand how the language works. It is also very important to help them with speaking. They study out of the New Headway 4th edition student’s book.

When I was in the UK recently I stayed with my daughter and her husband in Manchester. One weekend we drove to London to stay over at their friend’s house. We walked around the suburbs nearby. We were crossing a street when I happened to look up and saw a sign “English Academy” displayed on a balcony of a building. I was very pleased and amused that it reminded me of our English Academy at home. I was tempted to pop in but my daughter reminded me that we were pressed for time.

It is very rewarding to see students try to grasp the elements of English in the beginning. Then as time progresses you see them improve and start having a better understanding of the language.