Learn English speaking with some useful fixed phrases. ‘Yes’ is probably going to be one of the first words you learn on your journey to English mastery. As you become more proficient in your language, you might want to vary this with some other words and phrases. Below is a list of 5 other ways to say ‘yes’ in English:

Learn English speaking by learning fixed phrases. Here are five informal and formal ways to say 'yes' and to help you to learn English quickly and easily.

Learn English Speaking with Informal Ways to Say ‘Yes’

If you’re learning English at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town, you will most certainly have heard the word ja. This word is a favourite amongst South Africans. It is a  Dutch word but English speakers use and understand it.

Okey dokey is a fun and informal way to say yes. This is a variation of ‘OK’ and comes from the time of the Roaring Twenties. Some might feel that it is a bit old-fashioned, but if used in a good-humoured way, it can have a wonderfully humorous effect on a social interaction.

We have looked at the word sure in a previous blog post but this versatile word has many uses. It is a widely used word to give an affirmation. Variation of this word are sure thing or even for sure.

Lastly I want to look at my favourite alternative ways to say yes. Absolutely is such a positive and emphatic way to say yes that it’s almost impossible to misunderstand. You can also add extra emphasis and positivity by placing stress on the third syllable of the word: ab-so-lute-ly!

Learn English Speaking with formal Ways to Say ‘Yes’

By all means is quite a formal yet very courteous way to say yes. Once again, I cannot stress enough that tone and intonation are very important when speaking English. Don’t let your good intentions or kind phrases sound sarcastic. Use very formal phrases with care!

There are many, many more examples out there. And as English is such an organic language, there are always new words and phrases to learn. Don’t forget to use your personal dictionary  to record words that are useful or appealing to you. Also remember that Oxford English Academy will teach you useful fixed phrases and much more! Contact us today to book your course!