The student and teacher excursion to Rhodes Memorial was planned for Thursday last week. The weather changed everyday so we were a bit concerned about what it would be like on Thursday. A very helpful colleague checked the weather and said it would be sunny. A very helpful colleague checked the weather and said it would be sunny. Commuters were warmly dressed. I live near to Muizenberg so the icy winds come from that direction.

Muneeb arrived with his drivers and taxis, and were waiting for us outside in Long Street opposite the main campus. We did some last minute checking to see that everyone was settled in the taxis and we then left without further ado.

There was a lot of excitement amongst the students to see Rhodes Memorial. They took lots of photos of the scenery and teachers walked around with them explaining about the memorial and Cecil John Rhodes. They also showed and explained to them about the silver tree which is unique to Cape Town. They also had a memorial quiz to complete once they had toured the monument. It was very interesting to watch them find the answers to the quiz with some coaxing from the teachers.

Later we all went to the restaurant above the memorial and found tables. We sat down and lots of chatting ensued and waiters came around to give us menus. We all admired the scenery from that height and students took many photos. The sun was out by then and it was warmer and very comfortable.

A student was leaving that day and the graduation was held there. It was a lovely experience for teachers and students and other visitors looked on smiling from ear to ear. The time came to leave and we made our way down to the waiting taxis. Students were still taking photos and frolicking on the mountain slope near the restaurant. It was a pleasure watching them enjoying themselves so much, with prompting from teachers to speak English and not their mother tongue.

It was an enjoyable, fun experience for students and teachers alike. Muneeb and his drivers brought us safely back to school.