Learn English quickly? Is this something that you want to do? Then this blog post is for you. Below I will lay out 3 easy ways to learn English quickly and if you follow them, you’ll be an English-speaker in no time!

Learn English quickly with Oxford English Academy and these 3 easy steps. Learn English abroad, by being committed and by having fun during the process.

Learn English Quickly through Immersion 

So what does this mean? It means that you travel abroad to learn English in an English-speaking country. At Oxford English Academy we offer world-class immersion programmes at our English schools in Oxford and Cape Town. During these programmes you will speak English in class, speak English outside of the classroom, speak English during your leisure time and also speak English to your host family. As you can see, you will be surrounded by English, and this is what we mean by ‘immersion’.

Learn English Quickly with Commitment

If you are not able to go on an immersion programme, you can still learn English by committing to the process. Make a promise to yourself to spend a certain amount of time learning English every day. Just remember to make sure it is a manageable amount of time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. You will see a great improvement in your language if you spend time on it every day.

Learn English Quickly by Having Fun

There is no need to put a huge amount of pressure on yourself to learn English. If you do, you will find it difficult and unpleasant. Rather try and bring as much fun into learning English by reading English books or watching English movies on topics you enjoy, by practising your English in a fun and relaxed setting with friends and by writing only if you enjoy it. Also try and make grammar fun and enjoyable by not learning rules from a book, but by finding the practical uses of grammar in situations you might find yourself in.

Being able to speak English is a fantastic achievement. And I believe it is achievable by all. So take the plunge and get learning! And remember, Oxford English Academy is always here to help!