Learn English Oxford. This is what people are searching for on Google when looking for an English school in Oxford. And in this blog post, I’m going to look at the many reasons why learning English in Oxford is great. And also why learning English with Oxford English Academy, is going to be your best choice.

Learn English Oxford is what people are searching for on Google. This posts lets you know why Oxford English Academy in Oxford is the best choice.

Learn English Oxford – the Visa

When deciding to learn English in the UK, you might need to apply for a visa. We do our utmost to assist students with getting a visa, should they need one. Even though we are not trained to be visa consultants, we have some practical advice.  And we also offer some documentation to help you with the process.

What are the First Steps I need to Take to get a Visa?

  1. The most important step in the visa process is giving yourself enough time. Plan at least two months in advance to ensure you have plenty of time. You will need time to apply for and to receive the visa, should you need one.
  2. The second step is to see whether or not you need a visa to learn English. Follow this link to see if you need a visa or not. Students coming from the European Union are exempt and can simply book a course and a flight and start studying. One piece of advice I can give to all students, is to make sure you have comprehensive medical insurance. I would also suggest getting any medication you might need, in case of emergencies.

What Steps are Next?

  1. Next you need to check what type of visa you are going to apply for. This depends entirely on how long you intend to learn English abroad. There will be a minimum amount of hours that you will need to study to justify a study visa. This is very important so take note of this when booking your English course.
  2. Get all your documentation together and make sure that you have everything on the list in exactly the correct format. Incorrect or incomplete applications can slow down the whole visa process unnecessarily. Oxford English Academy will provide you with a receipt of payment. You will also get your accommodation details and an acceptance letter. All of these are needed to apply for your visa.
  3. Should the whole process seem too overwhelming, enlist the services of a visa agent. But always make sure that that they belong to a reputable company, preferably with contactable references. For a fee, they will assist you with the visa process.

Once you have received your visa, you can book your flight. Then you will be one step closer in your English learning journey. This is where the fun begins and it will make the stress of getting a visa, all worth it!

Learn English Oxford – Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of learning English abroad. I still maintain that homestay or host family accommodation is the best type of accommodation available to students learning English. It is an opportunity to practise English outside of the classroom. You will also come into contact with the culture of your hosts. Not to mention make genuine and lasting friendships, as well as having a ‘home away from home’. If you want to ‘learn English Oxford’, then try and take every opportunity to learn.

Why Choose Homestay Accommodation?

We are firm believers in offering our students a choice of carefully chosen and vetted host families. They play a large part in making their stay a comfortable and memorable one. In addition students can choose from a number of meal options, depending on their budget. The most common type of accommodation is half board, which means that they will get breakfast and dinner, seven days a week. Then we have a bed and breakfast option, which means breakfast seven days a week. Lastly we have a self-catering option for students who prefer to eat out or to cook their own meals.

One very big advantage Oxford English Academy students have in Oxford is that our school is situated in the same suburb as the large majority of the host families. This means that students can in most cases walk to school in the mornings and back to their host families in the afternoons. This is especially important for students on a tight budget as they save on daily transport costs. We also find that parents of young learners are also happy to have their children close to the school for safety and security reasons.

When planning your trip to learn English in the UK, remember to think carefully about what type of accommodation you need. Choose a great family close to your school, offering the type of meals you need, and rest assured that you will be that much closer to planning an unforgettable language travel programme.

Learn English Oxford – Social Programme

Oxford is an exciting city with a wonderful mixture of history, tradition, culture, natural beauty and modernity, and it is the aim of the social programme to organise trips to the most popular places and sites in the city. But is the social programme just about sightseeing and fun?

What are the Advantages of our Social Programme?

  1. When visiting sites and taking part in activities, students have the opportunity to read and listen to English. This offers them more exposure to English, thereby speeding up their language learning.
  2.  The social programme is, as its name suggests, a very social activity. Students have the chance to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. In most cases English is the common language, which forces students to speak to one another and their chaperone, in English.
  3.  Students are forced to practice what they have learnt in class when interacting with locals. This could be when they buy tickets, order meals and drinks or ask questions.
  4.  And lastly, students can let off some steam and have some fun on the social programme. This is vital when learning a new language. You need time to consolidate and digest what is being learnt in the classroom. And after all, it would be a shame not to enjoy every minute of your language learning trip to Oxford!

At Oxford English Academy we aim to offer our students a comprehensive programme and to give as much assistance as possible. Be it when you apply for your visa, during your classes, with your host family or on the social programme, it is our number one goal to give you the best service possible!

Learn English Oxford – Your English Course

Learn English Oxford is obviously people looking to learn English in Oxford. And your English course us going to be very important. When choosing to learn English in the UK, you will need to think carefully about what your goals and intentions are. Is experiencing the country, the culture and the social life your number one priority? Or are you determined to get in as much English tuition as possible?

What English Courses do we Offer?

At Oxford English Academy in Oxford, we have English courses to suit your needs. Should you be a social butterfly, then you can take a General English course for 15 hours a week. This will mean that you study from 9 am to 12 pm, and for the rest of the day and night you can frolic around the exciting city of Oxford.  You can also take part in our fun and varied social programme, where you will meet other students and have the chance to take part in organised activities.

If you are more of a book worm, then we offer more intensive courses. You can take up to 30 hours of English during the day, as well as taking advantage of our evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and free classes on Wednesdays. This kind of programme is great for students who have limited time or who want to rapidly increase their level of English. As mentioned  about accommodation, you should also try to interact and engage with your host family as much as possible. In this way you can put into practice what you learn during the day in your English classes.

Whatever you English-learning needs are, Oxford English Academy has a course for you. Contact us today so that we can work out the perfect programme for you.