We are in a mobile age. This means that more and more people are connected to the internet through their phones and tablets. Sometimes it seems like phones are becoming an extension of our hands! There is a lot of debate about mobile devices where some people feel that they are terribly anti-social and limiting and others enjoy every minute of being connected to the digital world. In my personal opinion I believe that they offer so many possibilities that were not available to so many people in the past. And learning English is the perfect example of this. With a mobile phone you can learn English all the time and with enjoyment and I believe this is a successful way to master the language. Below is a list of some fantastic apps you can download to your phone to learn English:

Although it was established back in 1934, the British Council has by no means shied away from technology! They have a wide range of apps for students to learn English grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing skills and for IELTS exam preparation. Please head over to their website to see what apps tickle your fancy.

Duolingo is a fun and interactive app for learning many different languages. It’s completely free and therefore a firm favourite amongst language learners. Each module concentrates on a particular theme and students can listen, read and even speak. In order to ensure that you remember the language, you are requested to commit to 20 minutes a day to go back over work you have learnt before.

Busuu is another fun favourite English-learning app. The lessons are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and offer students a range of skills and language lessons, from A1 to B2 level. Another fantastic aspect of the app is that it’s a social network and people can connect with each other to share languages.

Even if you are a technophobe, I suggest that you take the plunge and explore what language learning apps are out there. You might find that you enjoy it so much that your English skills improve overnight!