Learn English in Oxford with Oxford English Academy. Why? Because you will receive world-class English tuition. There are many different countries across the world for you to choose from when you decide you want to learn English. You could consider the United States of America, perhaps Canada.Or what about Australia, New Zealand or even South Africa! Yet there is a certain allure to learning English in the United Kingdom. And while you are at it, why not make the decision and head to the academic capital of England, Oxford. Why? You may ask, well let me tell you!

Learn English in Oxford with Oxford English Academy. Get quality English tuition, enjoy the history, the location and fantastic extra mural activities.

Learn English in Oxford and feel the History

According to Wikipedia,” The history of Oxford in England dates back to its original settlement in the Saxon period.” One cannot deny the integral part the University has played in Oxford, making learning in Oxford a dream for many a scholar. A myth says that Oxford University was founded in 872.  It says that Alfred the Great had a scholarly debate with some monks he met there that lasted several days. In reality, it was established in the 12th century. This is when famous teachers began to lecture there and groups of students came to live and study in Oxford. So, who wouldn’t want to be able to say they have studied in such a historical city?

Learn English in Oxford because it’s a Great Location

The location of Oxford is central and within close proximity to various airports. A day trip to London from here is quick and easy. From Oxford English Academy access to Oxford city centre entails a short bus ride. Situated right outside the city centre, we offer students the unique advantage of living so close to school that they can walk every day and not stress about the traffic!

Learn English in Kidlington

Our school is situated in the leafy and friendly village of Kidlington, which is about 8 kilometres from Oxford city centre. It is quite a small village that offers all the amenities a student learning English might need. And in true British style, there are many pubs servicing the community!

As in most of the UK, the transport links in Kidlington are second to none.  It is very easy to hop on a bus to get to Oxford city centre, to London or the airport. Unfortunately the good quality transport comes at a price, especially if one converts fees into a weaker currency. Luckily our students have a fantastic advantage in that the majority of host families are in Kidlington. This means that students can often walk from their accommodation to the school, thereby reducing their transport costs considerably.

Kidlington is full of Great Activities

A fantastic outdoor activity to do in Kidlington is to take a canoe or kayak along the Oxford Canal. Thrupp Canoe and Kayak Hire is a wonderful small company that can tailor-make different packages for you. You could spend an hour idly bobbing down the canal or could even hire a canoe for a whole week and paddle and camp to your heart’s content. The scenery is breath taking and the activity is serene and calm. And of course there are many canal-side pubs to frequent along the way.

Kidlington is truly a wonderful place and our students are always happy to stay there. Some may have initial reservations about not being in the city centre. But once they realise what an advantage it is, they are happy with their choice to learn English at Oxford English Academy.

Learn English in Oxford and Take Part in Lots of Extra Murals

Oxford is an incredible city when it comes to after-hours entertainment. Besides the abundance of historical pubs and eateries that will keep you busy when you are not learning, the city boasts an exciting social calendar. Check out the Oxford City Council website for more information.

Learn English in Oxford and Take the Red Bus Tour

A great way to get the lay out of Oxford is by taking the City Red Bus Tour! This city tour lasts approximately 1 hour and departs every 20/30 minutes. But your ticket offers unlimited travel for 24 or 48 hours. On the bus tour you get panoramic views of the city.  And you get the freedom to hop on and off at any of the 20 city stops to explore the sights.

Take a seat inside or on the open-air top deck if its a beautiful day, then sit back and relax as you ride through Oxford, home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

The Red Bus tour has great audio commentary in different languages. But to practice your English listening skills I would recommend you listen to the English version. Not only will you learn of Oxford’s history, but this will also help you learn the correct English pronunciation of a lot of the historical sights in the city.

You will pass by all the famous city sights including Oxford Castle and Christ Church College. You’ll get fantastic 360 degree views of its honey coloured buildings. Not to mention some glimpses of the hushed courtyards of its many colleges.

Learn English in Oxford and Visit the Oxford Castle

Perhaps hop off at the New Road stop to visit Oxford Castle. Learn how the medieval Norman castle transformed in to a prison. After, maybe stop at Christ Church College, one of the largest colleges in the University of Oxford. Here you can see the Great Hall, which has been featured in several of the Harry Potter movies. Next, perhaps visit Sheldonian Theatre, which serves as the university’s official ceremonial hall, but it is open to the public when not in use. Gaze up at the majestic ceiling that was painted during the reign of King Charles II. Then, explore the attic before taking in 360-degree panoramic views of Oxford from the Cupola.

If you choose to learn English in Oxford, you have made a fantastic choice! Apart from the obvious academic excellence offered by Oxford English Academy, you will also have so many opprtunities to experience a truly magical city!