Learn English in Cape Town because you will get more than just an education. A lot of people think about England and America when it comes to learning English. Rising up on the map of global competitors for English-learning capitals, however, is Cape Town, South Africa.

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Learn English in Cape Town with Oxford English Academy. The city is modern and old, has African flare, great activities and wonderful friendly people.

Why Learn English in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a city full of history. So many different forces carved out the city and this has left its mark. Not only in a physical sense, but also in the realm of language. English is one of 11 official languages and is taught as a first language in all schools. (There will be some schools in rural areas where you may find English not being taught as the first language but this will mainly be due to its remote location.)

Cape Town is a city that is old and modern at the same time. Because of this you will hear many different accents in the city. If you are after the most authentic English language learning experience, then Cape Town is your best choice

Is Cape Town as good as England or America?

In my opinion, it is far better. My opinion, however, is most likely biased because I am South African. But South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town, has a certain charm that you can only get in a place with so much influence. In terms of the schools, Oxford English Academy is ASIC accredited. This means that it is of the same standard that you would find in the UK and around the World. The ESL industry is Strict standards govern the ESL industry. And the ESL industry in Cape Town is no exception.

In terms of the city, there is a range of different shops, coffee shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy. You will feel an African flair at many of the markets, such as at Greenmarket Square. And you will find that the people are probably the nicest in the world.

Should I learn English in Cape Town?

Yes, you should. And you should come to Oxford English Academy. The city is a hive of students, foreign and local. There is so much to do and of course you will be living in a city where the first language is English. This means you can practise your English all the time. You will get full immersion into the world of English.

Learn English in Cape Town and Be in the Movies

Learn English in Cape Town. If you are lucky you will be in a movie! I was inspired yesterday to write a blog about films. As I was riding home I noticed that there was an unusual amount of white trucks parked by the library in Sea Point, Cape Town. Essentially our libraries don’t function like those in the Northern hemisphere as sadly many of them don’t function at all. While the one in Sea Point is functional, I wouldn’t say it’s a hive of activity by any means. That being said, something exciting was happening there the other day.

Learn English in Cape Town with Oxford English Academy and be in the movies. You might see an ad or music video being shot. Or meet a famous Hollywood star!

Learn English in Cape Town and See Commercials and Adverts

I cycled past and saw people standing around. There was also an epic collection of old school classic cars. Not to mention the cables running all over the floor.

It is not uncommon in Cape Town to see big movie shoots going on. Many musicians shoot music videos here. And many companies also shoot adverts here. You can see these around the world and see the beauty of Cape Town. If you have ever been to Cape Town it is easy to understand why.

Learn English in Cape Town and See Hollywood Stars!

In terms of big Hollywood productions, we have put our stamp on many of those too. Here are some ‘Cape Town’ films:

Firstly there is Invictus, with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. This one really shows off some of the natural beauty as well as the famous Robben Island.

Secondly there is Blood Diamond. Although it’s about the situation in Sierra Leone, there is great scene towards the end where Jennifer Connelly is talking on the phone at the V&A Waterfront. This is a tourist hot spot in Cape Town.

Thirdly there is Safe House, with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. It  shows off the reality of life in Cape Town. The cameras take you through the streets of the Town centre and show off the view from De Waal drive on the side of Table Mountain. You even get to see Denzel Washington dressed up like a South African Police Officer.

There are many others and it is wonderful to see how the country has grown in leaps and bounds both locally and internationally.

Back to the library in Sea Point to round things off. I was lucky enough to watch Johnny Knoxville doing his thing for a new movie. The film is either Boogie Mountain or Action Park and is about a water park in New Jersey. Coming to Cape Town might give you an opportunity to spot someone famous too.

Next week I will keep with the theme and discuss how movies can help to improve your English and provide some tips on how to make the most out of show time.

Learn English in Cape Town in Autumn

It might sound depressing but there is no reason to dread the end of summer in Cape Town. The leaves might be turning brown and the days might be occasionally grey.  But autumn in the Western Cape is by no means the end of sunny beautiful days.

Learn English in Cape Town with Oxford English Academy. You can go camping, plays games and visit one of the many markets. Autumn is great in Cape Town.

Learn English in Cape Town and Go Camping

If you are a camper March and April bring on the best weather for this outdoor activity. Without having to travel far, you will find your fix of nature.  There are many beautiful and unspoilt places to go. If ‘roughing it’ is not your thing, you can always go ‘glamping’. At the Wolfkop Camping site in Grootfontein, Citrusdal you can arrive with only the necessities and be assured of a comfortable stay in a beautiful camp site on the banks of the Olifants River. Your fully equipped tent will be ready and waiting for you on arrival.  So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Learn English in Cape Town and Play Games

On the days the skies do turn out a little grey and you prefer to stay indoors but still want an adventure, why not visit Hint Hunt . This exhilarating escape game will keep you and your friends guessing for about an hour. Together you and three to five friends will be locked in a room and must work as a team to unravel a series of riddles, clues and mysteries to escape the room before your time runs out. This promises to be a thrilling hour where you will most definitely see your friends at their best, or worst for that matter. Imagine if you were all second language English learners to top it off!

Learn English in Cape Town and Visit Markets

I have previously written about the many luscious farmer’s markets in and around Cape Town on weekends. On a chilly Saturday morning before the sun warms over lunchtime, do yourself a favour and visit the Oranjezicht City Farm’s Market Day. You do not need to have a only penchant for buying freshly farmed ingredients in order to enjoy this wonderful weekly occurrence. There is an array of delectable food stalls offering meals cooked to perfection. And you can find food from all the culinary corners of the world. Try the Eggs Benedict on a potato rosti or the Moroccan breakfast dish called Shakshouka for a yummy treat. Both will have you queuing again next Saturday!

There is always something to do in the Mother City. The best time to come to Cape Town is now!

Learn English in Cape Town and Have the Best Time Ever

As you can see, learning English in Cape Town is amazing. You get top quality English. And you get all the after school activities you could wish for. Don’t forget that you can also come at any time of the year. So book your English course today. And get ready for the experience of a lifetime!