On Friday it was my turn to do Free Fun Friday activities with students. A few turned up and the plan was to go to the Gardens. As we walked out of the building we noticed to our dismay that it was raining. The weather forecast predicted rain for the day but we hadn’t seen a sign of rain all morning and then it suddenly happened. They call it Murphy’s Law – whoever he was.

So up the stairs we traipsed, my mind frantically at work wondering which classroom we could use. It had to be the longest room. I found it at the end of the passage. We moved the tables and chairs to make some space available. We were going to play childhood games. Once everything was in place I started explaining what they were going to do. I showed them pictures of each game. Then I assembled them to start the first one, blind man’s buff or bluff. I first did a demonstration with one of the students. They instantly understood and the game began. There was so much enthusiasm, laughter and sometimes screaming. They enjoyed shouting “catch me if you can!” amidst much glee and laughter. I was just as silly as the students.

The next game was the three-legged race. A student volunteered to do the tying of each pair of legs. On the command, “Go!” they raced trying to beat the others to the finish line.

The last game was the egg and spoon race. They all ran competing with one another balancing the egg deftly on the spoon. I marveled at how they managed not to drop the eggs. Only one student dropped the egg but afterwards he got it right and kept up with the others. I was so amused that they just kept running up and down not once dropping the eggs almost as if they were in a trance.

Once those games were over, we played other games from our childhood with much fun and laughter. The last two games were lots of fun too – making us all laugh heartily. I also reminded them to only speak English. They had to pick a piece of paper with a word on it and then go to the board to draw what the word was. They laughed hysterically, and one or two asked: “What is THAT?”

Then we played “hangman” in which they all participated. Then the time was up. It was a most enjoyable fun afternoon for all of us.