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Learn English conversation with some slang ways to say ‘hello’. In another post, I speak about learning English with fixed phrases. It’s a useful way to learn English quickly and easily.

Learn English conversation with slang phrases to say hello. Slang phrases are best used with friends and should be avoided in formal situations.

Whether you’re learning English in Oxford or in Cape Town with Oxford English Academy, you will need to increase and improve your colloquial vocabulary if you want to get closer to being a native speaker.  Both British English and South African English have some fantastic expressions and where better to start than with ‘hello’? Below are some phrases you can use:

Learn English Conversation with Slang Ways to Hello in the UK

Hiya is a common informal greeting in the UK and even in Ireland. Apparently it was brought from India by British troops and is a Hindustani greeting. It is best to use this with people you already know or have met before.

All right is another very informal way to greet in England. It is quite useful because it is a way to greet and to ask how somebody is at the same time. It is a question and an appropriate response would also be All right.

Hey is common in both in the UK and in South Africa. This is once again very informal. It’s best to use it with friends and peers.

Learn English Conversation with Slang Ways to Hello in South Africa

Howzit is probably one of the most common South African expressions you will hear, along with ja, which I mentioned in a previous post about ways to say yes. This is a shortening of ‘how is it going’. You can use it as an informal greeting.

Aweh (pronounced ah-weh) is a greeting that originated in Cape Town in South Africa from the mixed race population. The origins of the word are murky and some even believe it came from the infamous prisons of Cape Town. It is a very casual and very informal way to greet people. It can also be a general acknowledgement or as an exclamation.

There are many other fantastic informal and slang greetings to discover. Enjoy discovering and using them with your English-speaking friends. And don’t forget that you will learn colloquial English with Oxford English Academy.