The weather is always a popular topic, and a great way to practise English. The weather in Cape Town has been described as “four seasons in a day” because of how unpredictable it can be. If learning English at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town, brushing up on weather vocabulary is a great way to strike up conversations with locals, and practise speaking English.

Cape Town experiences warm summers from mid-October to March, and cool, rainy winters from June to August. Spring in Cape Town is pleasant, but it can still be cool and takes a while to warm up. Autumn (or fall as it is referred to by Americans) is an enjoyable season as well, as one gets a break from the heat of summer, therefore can walk around and enjoy the beautiful walks, forests and views around Cape Town.

Cape Town is very windy. The city experiences what is called a ‘berg’ wind, which is a warm wind that affects the temperature.

Some common expressions about weather in Cape Town:

It’s raining cats and dogs – an idiomatic expression that means it is raining very hard.

It’s a fine day – a phrase that means the weather is pleasant.

We are having gale force winds – ‘gale force winds’ refers to very strong winds

It’s drizzling outside – ‘drizzling’ refers to a light rain.

We are going to have a downpour – ‘downpour’ refers to heavy rain.

It’s very humid today – the air is very hot (and the temperature is too).

There was a lot of smog this morning – smog is a portmanteau of ‘fog’ and ‘smoke’. Smog in the air makes it difficult to see.

What is the weather forecast? – the question is asking what the weather is supposed to be like for the rest of the day/night.

It’s very overcast outside – this means that there is a lot of cloud coverage in the sky, and the sun is not shining