As I have mentioned in a number of previous posts, learning English through an immersion programme in an English speaking country is the easiest and fastest way. Yet this does not mean that students who are not able to take part in this kind of programme, can’t learn English at home. In addition, students who have been on an immersion programme need to keep on practising English when they return to their home countries, in order to maintain their level and confidence. In both cases, the internet makes it possible to connect with English speakers online. Below is a list of some websites that I recommend for English practice:

Babelvillage is a wonderful online community for language exchange. On this site you can find people who want to learn your language and in exchange they will speak to you in English.

Busuu has a good combination of skills, vocabulary and grammar lessons and of speaking to native English speakers. It is one of the largest online communities and it is supported by a mobile app.

Verbling is not a free community like the above websites, but you can have tailor-made lessons with native speakers for as little as $15 an hour. The advantage of this is that you can schedule lessons to suit you and that the rate is greatly reduced. Private face-to-face lessons usually cost anything from $40 to $60 an hour!

Facebook is also a fantastic way to learn English from home. If you learnt English in an English-speaking country, you probably managed to make some English-speaking friends and keeping in touch with them through Facebook is fun and easy. You can also stay in contact with your host family in the same way. For those who don’t have English friends, you can join groups on Facebook and connect with people who want to do a language exchange or who are willing to teach English to those who want to learn.

With dedication, motivation and the internet, it is possible to learn English right from the comfort of your own home. So get online and let your English-learning journey begin!