Learn easy English vocabulary? It is possible and achievable. This post will tell you how to do it. As you progress with your English you’ll find that expanding your vocabulary becomes more and more important.  At first, students usually rely on simply translating new words into their own language. However, this soon becomes less helpful. This is because direct translations out of context are often inadequate and even inaccurate.

Learn easy English vocabulary by recording the parts of speech, grouping words together, practicing the pronunciation and practicing using the words.

Learn Easy English Vocabulary – Parts of Speech

This week my group of Intermediate students and I have been looking at how they learn vocabulary and how they record new words.  We’ve been practising deciding the part of speech (verb, noun, adjective, etc) and guessing what the word probably means from the context. It’s helpful to record one or two examples sentences using the new word in different ways. You can personalize these example sentences so that the meaning is clear to you.  Some of the students like to draw pictures to show meaning.  For example, prepositions of place and direction are easy to remember with simple drawings.

Learn Easy English Vocabulary – Groups of Words

It’s also useful to record words grouped together in topics such as Sport or Adjectives to describe people.  Of course, recording collocations (words that go together) – for example: cosmopolitan city – is really important.  You can use personalized sentences for this too – Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with a mix of cultures and people from all over the world.

Learn Easy English Vocabulary – Pronunciation

You’re unlikely to use a word unless you know how to say it so learning pronunciation of new words is very important.  The students have been learning phonetic symbols so that they can record pronunciation. It’s also good to remember to mark the stress when you record a new word.

Learn Easy English Vocabulary – Practice

In our lessons at Oxford English Academy we constantly recycle and re-use vocabulary so that new words from a reading lesson will be used again in personalized speaking practice and in writing and students will hear them in listening practice as well.  We play some fun vocabulary games to revise new words too.