While learning English at Oxford English Academy, you will be taught British English. But you will often come across American English in movies, television shows, pop music and in popular culture. You will notice that there is a lot of vocabulary and many phrases that differ.

Don’t be scared to learn both types of English as they are equally important and by concentrating on just one you are limiting your knowledge of English vocabulary as a whole.

American vocabulary is first, with the British equivalent second.

Apartment = Flat
Appetizer = Starter
Argument = Row
Backyard = Garden
Bathing Suit = Swimming Costume
Bathroom = Toilet
Boy = Lad
Candy = Sweets
Check = Bill (at a restaurant)
Chips = Crisps
Closet = Wardrobe
Come over = Come around
Crazy Person = Nutter
Cross Walk = Zebra Crossing
Dessert = Pudding
Detour = Diversion
Eggplant = Aubergine
Elevator = Lift
Eraser = Rubber
Fall = Autumn
Flashlight = Torch
French Fries = Chips
Gas = Petrol
Girl = Lass
Hood = Bonnet (of a car)
Jelly = Jam
Line = Queue
Mail = Post
Movie Theatre = Cinema
National Holiday = Bank Holiday
Pants = Trousers
Parking Lot = Car Park
Period = Full stop
Sidewalk = Pavement
Sneakers = Trainers
Soccer = Football
Sofa = Couch
Sweater = Pullover/Jersey
Take Out = Take Away
Trash Can = Dust Bin
Truck = Lorry
Trunk = Boot (of a car)
Vacation = Holiday