Learn Basic English quickly with a few easy tips from Oxford English Academy. There are a number of ways to learn Basic English quickly. Below are three methods that you can try. But in order to have success with any of them, motivation and commitment must be present.

There are lots of ways to learn Basic English quickly. Take an immersion course, learn English online or watch English movies and read English books.

Learn Basic English with an Immersion Course

The first and most effective way to learn Basic English is with an immersion course in an English-speaking country. This means that you surround yourself with English at school, in the street and with your host family. The Oxford English Academy Basic English course is a great choice if you want to learn English in Oxford or Cape Town.

Basic English Immersion Course

Our Basic English course is called General English in Oxford and Basic English in Cape Town. Even though the courses have different names, they deliver the same results. You will learn basic English skills needed for effective English communication.

You can take the course for 15 or 20 hours per week in Oxford and for 22 hours in Cape Town. Classes are mostly in the mornings but in Oxford we also offer an evening class. We offer a number of different levels and you will take a placement test before you start. This is to ensure that you are in the correct class for your level.  You also have access to Oxford English Online, which is our online learning platform. You have access to extra resources and a unique learning plan. In addition you have access to the system for 3 months after you leave.

Basic English Course Pros and Cons

There are many advantages to taking our Basic English course. It is a course that covers general skills needed to effectively communicate in English. In fact, this is the main focus of the course as we use the Communicative Approach to teaching English. You will practise speaking in all parts of your English classes. This in turn means that you will improve your English speaking rapidly, easily and effectively.

If you are looking for specific English such as Exam Preparation English, Business English or English for Specific Purposes, then the Basic English course won’t be for you. That being said, if you have the time then you can combine courses. You can take a Basic English course in the morning and then take IELTS exam preparation in the afternoon, for example. In this way you will improve your English and also concentrate on specific exam skills.

Learn Basic English Online

For those who can’t learn English abroad then learning English online is a fantastic option. There are a number of paid and free ways that you achieve your English-learning goals. You can learn on your laptop, tablet or phone with millions of apps, platforms and programmes to suit your exact needs.

Learn Basic English with Social Media

Social media is a way to connect with English speakers across the world. It is also a way to stay in touch with English friends that you have met abroad. Use something like Facebook to read and write in English. Billions of people use Facebook so you can meet and keep in touch with most of the planet. You can even call English speakers with Facebook messenger to practise your speaking. You can join our Friends of Oxford English Academy Facebook group to keep in touch with us and your classmates.

Learn Basic English with Apps

There are so many apps and programmes that you can use to learn English. These are great because you can learn English at your own pace. In addition you can learn English on the go. Free apps include Duolingo, Learn English Grammar and Busuu, to name a few.  Online paid programmes include iTalki and Fluentify. If you search online, you can find many other apps and programmes that you enjoy to use. If you have the funds, you can consider upgrading some of the free apps to paid versions. This will give you extra options and more resources.

Learn Basic English Online Pros and Cons

Learning English online is great because it’s fun, easy and in some cases even free. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and also on the go. It’s also a great way to socialise and to meet new people. Learning a new language is about this after all.

Cons for learning English online include not having the benefit of a class with genuine interaction. This can be achieved online but not to the extent of being in a physical classroom. You also can’t read body language which I believe is vital in learning a new language.

Learn Basic English with Movies and Magazines

Watching English movies and reading English magazines are other ways that you can learn English. These activities are enjoyable and fun, which is vital in acquiring a new language. You will be exposed to slang and colloquial language, which will take you one step closer to speaking English like a native speaker.

Start with easy magazines with short articles. Then move onto more difficult publications as your level improves. In the same way watch easy movies with English subtitles on. Try to eventually watch movies that are more complicated without using subtitles.

Learn Basic English with Movies and Magazines Pros and Cons

The pros of learning English in this way is that it is very cheap. And in the same way as learning online, you can do it at your own pace. It is also fun and enjoyable as you can choose what you want to watch or read.

Cons to learning English in this way is that you don’t have personal interaction. You also don’t have a way to apply what you’ve learnt in a real-life situation.


In order to learn Basic English quickly, you need to commit to the process. Whatever method you choose, you will succed if you are motivated and consistent. Learning a new language is a great undertaking but once you become fluent, it will be worth it. Good luck on your English learning adventure!