If you search for Language School Oxford, you will find many schools that will help you to learn English But what I would like to offer you, is an A to Z of learning English. And why our language school Oxford, is the best option for helping you with the A to Z. 

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Language School Oxford? If you search for this you'll find many school that will help you to learn English. But do they use the A to Z of learning English to ensure you master the language quickly, easily and effectively? Oxford English Academy in Oxford does!

Language school Oxford? 

England is the birthplace of the English language, hence the name. Oxford, it can be argued, is the birthplace of modern education as we know it today. Things may have changed a lot over the years and the way we learn now is far removed from what was going on 1000 years ago. What hasn’t changed though is the importance of location. Being in the right place when you are learning is critical.

Language School Oxford – The City

Immersing yourself in a language is, hands down, the best way to go when learning. There is nothing better than having practice on your doorstep and everywhere you turn. Oxford is full of people learning, not only English, but almost everything under the sun. You find yourself surrounded by like-minded people all learning and expanding their horizons and it inspires you to push your boundaries. Location is everything. Use these 5 phrases to make friends while you are there.

Language School Oxford – The teachers

If you want to learn English then your teacher should speak English. And what’s better than if they are English too. At Oxford our teachers are from around the corner. They have lived English life, they have English stories to tell and this will be passed on to you during your stay. You may even leave a little English once you’re done. Don’t forget your tea. 

Language School Oxford – The A to Z of Learning English

So we finally come to the A to Z of learning English. This list is based on what teachers do at Oxford English Academy Oxford. And many of the points are easier when you are studying English in Oxford. So let’s get cracking with this list. And let’s have you speaking English in no time!

Language School Oxford – The A to F of Learning English

A is for ability. Not everybody has the same ability to learn a new language but with practice and dedication, it is possible for everybody to learn English successfully.

B is for British English. At Oxford English Academy we teach British English and use course books printed in the UK by publishers such as Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. In this way we ensure the highest quality materials for our teachers to use.

C is for commitment. If you want to learn a new language such as English, you need to commit to the process. This means learning English abroad or committing to at least 20 minutes of English a day.

D is for being daring. Learning a new language can be frightening and takes a lot of courage. But by being daring and not being afraid to make mistakes, you will see that your English improves quickly.

E is for English Only! When you are learning English on an immersion programme, commit to only speaking English. With this constant practice in the classroom, in your host family and socially, you will see your English improving rapidly.

F is for friends. Make as many English-speaking friends as possible. In this way you will learn colloquial English and also have fun learning English in a relaxed and social setting.

Language School Oxford – The G to L of Learning English

G is for grammar. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is not necessary to be perfect at English grammar. If you want to communicate successfully, rather concentrate on practising speaking as much as possible.

H is for happiness. If you enjoy learning English, you will succeed. And this will in turn make you happy.

I is for intention. Much like commitment and motivation, intention is a large part of learning English successfully. If you intend to be successful, you are already half way there!

J is for jokes and humour. Learning jokes in English has a number of benefits. Not only does it make the language fun but you also learn about the culture of the country by seeing what people find amusing.

K is for English in the kitchen. At Oxford English Academy we like to give our students the opportunity to present food from their countries. It’s a fantastic way for students to share their cultures and to also practice learning useful language.

L is for constant learning. Learning English is not something that will ever end. It’s more about the journey than the destination so enjoy the ride!

Language School Oxford – The M to R of Learning English

M is for music. Learning English through music is a great way to master the language. You can hear what English sounds like, learn colloquial language and learn about culture as well. And what better way to learn new vocabulary than by getting a song stuck in your head!

N is for never giving up. Learning a new language can be hard and there are times when you will feel discouraged and despondent. Rather take a breather and get back to learning English in a few days.

O is for obsession. Become obsessed with English and let it wash through every part of your life. The more you are exposed to the language, the quicker you will become and English expert.

P is for practice. Practice is what will help you to master the language quickly and will also help you to maintain your level of English. As they say, practice makes perfect so keep at it and you will become and then stay an English expert!

Q is for questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to make mistakes because this is how you will learn. If you don’t understand something Google it, ask a friend or ask your English teacher.

R is for reading. In my post about reading, I spoke about the importance of reading in English. Any reading matter is good exposure to English but make sure to read about topics you enjoy in order to get the most benefit out of it.

Language School Oxford – The S to Z of Learning English

S is for speaking. In order to improve your speaking, you are going to have to speak. Logical, right? Like I mentioned before, practice makes perfect so make the effort to speak in English at every opportunity!

T is for try. Feeling embarrassed is not going to help you to learn English. Rather put this aside and try, try, try! You will be amazed at how supportive people are when you making an effort to speak their language.

U is for understand. Don’t try and understand every English word you hear or read because you will drive yourself mad! Concentrate on the words you do recognise and you’ll be surprised by how much you take in and understand.

V is for vocabulary. Create your own private dictionary with new words so that you can increase your vocabulary with words that are meaningful to you. Remember to include how the words are used with other words, examples of the words in sentences and other forms of the word.

W is for waiting. Don’t get impatient with yourself. Learning a new language can be a long process but if you are committed, you will be successful.

X is for extra. At Oxford English Academy we encourage our students to take ownership of their learning. This means doing extra work after class in areas that you need to improve.

Y is for YES! If someone asks if you speak English always be positive with your answer. With a positive attitude, you are bound to succeed!

Z is for zzzzzzzz. Always get enough zzzzzzzz (sleep) when you are learning English. This will help you to keep positive and enthusiastic and will also help your brain to work through everything you’ve learnt for the day.

By following the A to Z of learning English, you will become an English expert. Take each day at a time, step by step, have a positive attitude and before you know it, you will be chatting away in English. And don’t forget that Oxford English Academy has schools all over but why not take yourself to where it all began, English that is. Take a step in the right direction and join us at Oxford English Academy in Oxford – The best language school in Oxford by far.