Kloof Street or should I say the new Long Street. When we were driving to the city bowl this weekend, my sister just said out of the blue “I think I love Kloof Street more than Long”. Of course Long Street took most of our young days with its long array of nightlife options. It would probably still take a few of mine, but its association with the dark times gives a different feeling. Luckily if you don’t want the store owners to recognize you after your weekend stupor Kloof Street is the best option. Kloof street on the other side of lower Long Street is where most of the diversity of Long Street has seeped in. Home to a lot of popular places such as Melissa’s and Yours Truly, you absolutely have no reason to say you don’t like the place. The place that we were particularly going to check out was the Kloof Street House, which came highly recommended by one of Cape Town’s foodies. If you think that Alice went down the rabbit hole I have to correct you and tell you that she actually went up the stairs of Kloof Street House. Their signature cocktails are not the only reason why it’s Wonderland but also the almost fairy tale like setting. The beautiful walk-in garden that surrounds the place has to be their seller, or maybe it’s how close the couch tables are to each other that you can easily eavesdrop in other people’s conversations. Everything about the place is great from the setting, to the service, to the food and the prices but I have to say it is well worth it. We received the best service I have ever received thus far in a restaurant which is probably why it was so easy to convince us to order more drinks. Not only did he make us feel welcomed but he also facetimed with our niece. Would definitely go again but only once I have received my allowance.