Students can roughly be broken down into three groups according to their learning styles namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. The first two groups are quite self-explanatory but the third group is the one we are going to look at today. A kinaesthetic learner is someone who learns through movement and who needs to touch and feel in order to absorb and take in what they are learning. As you can imagine this can be a real challenge for any teacher but at Oxford English Academy we encourage our teachers to engage with all our students so that they can all have the benefit of a world-class English learning experience, irrespective of their learning style.

English classes at Oxford English Academy are enjoyable for all students because we vary the types of activities that take place in a class. It is not uncommon for students to watch a movie, to listen to music, to use the internet for research, to read magazines and newspapers and to even go out to the park or on a treasure hunt. For kinaesthetic learners, our teaching methodologies are well suited to their way of acquiring knowledge because teachers also involve movement and activity in class. For those who are used to more traditional methods of teaching, these types of activities can seem frivolous and pointless, but we have seen all types of students excel as their learning styles are catered for.  Below are some English class activities that kinaesthetic students might enjoy at Oxford English Academy:

1.       Role plays are often used in class as a way for students to practise what they have learnt.

2.       Students also have the chance to create and to act out plays.

3.       Sometimes teachers send students out of the school on specific quests that need certain language to be used.

4.     Tasked based learning is used to give students engaging and meaningful tasks which combine a number of different skills in one.

5.       Teachers use physical games to break the ice and to get the energy back up in a class.

In addition to these activities, we encourage kinaesthetic students to learn English by going on our social programme. In this way they have their learning style needs met by being active while by speaking English in a meaningful way. This is the recipe for English learning success!