A big part of running a business, especially in the service sector, is dealing with enquiries. Any enquiry, no matter how small, if handled correctly, can lead to a successful business deal. Over time, as I have dealt with an array of different questions, a few have popped up repeatedly. So I decided to address some of them here.

I think the most asked question would be when our courses start.  At Oxford English Academy Cape Town as well as Oxford our courses are continuous. This means you can start with us at any time. We may advise you to start on a Monday, but we are happy to work around that too! The only time we might have a specific start and end date is for an exam preparation course such as IELTS or FCE.

Another question that often pops up is: “How long will my course last?” Again just to prove how flexible we are, the duration of your course is entirely up to you. Our Director of Studies can make a recommendation if you have certain goals in mind, however if you only have a week to spare, then that’s fine too. It all depends on what you would like to achieve and how much time you have.

Which leads me to the next question: “I don’t know what my English level is. Will I start as a beginner?” The answer is maybe! On your first day at our school you will write a placement test. The results of the test, along with a short meeting with our Director of Studies will confirm in which level you will start. If you are curious about your level why not do our free online test before you arrive?

“How long will I stay in one level?” This of course entirely depends on you! One academic cycle at Oxford English Academy Cape Town is six weeks long. At the end of such a cycle all our students write an ‘end of cycle’ test. These tests will consist of various components, namely speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing. If you achieve a certain pass mark, you will be moved up to the next level.

There are many other questions we deal with on a daily basis. Some are not as common as these above, some are extremely insightful and some truly entertaining. Never in my life did I see myself typing the sentence, “Sure we will be able to provide transport for you and your 12 pieces of luggage. Welcome to Oxford English Academy!”