Nike has a slogan that says: “Life is sport. Make it count.”

So you find yourself in Cape Town, ready to learn English at Oxford English Academy for the next few months. Yet after a day in the classroom you have lots of pent up energy and feel the need to get active. Not only is Cape Town an incredible city for food, culture and history, it also has wonderful offerings for all you sporty types out there.

Proof of this can be seen when you head down to the Sea Point Promenade. Capetonians are active people, healthy people and adventurous people. Here you can walk, cycle, make use of the outdoor gym area and even land after paragliding off Signal Hill. Or why not take to the open seas on a kayak? Kaskazi Kayaks operates from their shop on Beach Road directly off the Promenade.

If you are a golfer you don’t have to go far, as just around the corner you will find the Metropolitan Golf Course. This beautiful 9 hole course boast stunning views of the Green Point Stadium as well as Table Mountain and Signal Hill.

If football or soccer, as we call it in South Africa, is your thing, Fives Futbal offers you the opportunity to book a court for you and friends to play on. The unique aspect of the venue is that it is located on the roof of a building in the city centre. The fields are covered with netting to make sure your ball doesn’t end up on the roof of an unsuspecting motorist!

Cape Town also has quite a few gyms to choose from, some offer special rates for students who would like to sign up for a few months only. Check out Ignite Fitness which is located a mere 5 minute walk from our Upper Campus on Long Street.

If you think clinging to rock faces, hiking all day and making your way up scary cliffs seems like a great way to spend the day, join the Mountain Club of South Africa’s (MCSA) Cape Town sector. The group meets several times a week and take on routes of varying grade and difficulty. They welcome beginners as well as more experienced climbers.

I could probably keep writing for another ten pages if I had to try mentioning all the activities you can find in our beloved city. However, why not come and experience it for yourself? The sports field is just another place where you will most definitely pick up a lot of English, although you may have to choose carefully which words you memorise!