It is becoming increasingly important in day to day life, as well the business world that you be able to master a degree of English. At Oxford English Academy Cape Town and Oxford we have noted an increase in enquiries regarding courses such as Medical English, Business English and Legal English. Companies worldwide are acknowledging the need for their employees to be able to converse not only in their mother tongue but also in the world’s most useful language for business, English. The British Council reported in an article in Forbes Magazine that by 2020 two billion people will be studying English.

Learning basic English is essential, but if you are pursuing a career it might be useful to learn English focussed on your specific field. One such example is Aviation English. Students who want to attend flight schools such as 43 Air School need a certain level of English before enrolling at the school.

Companies such as Magister have taken it upon themselves to help integrate university students into South African companies for an unpaid internship. This way the student gets to live in a native English speaking country, experience the culture as well as work in an English environment. They learn how to professionally conduct themselves while speaking English constantly.

I can certainly vouch for the incredible improvements the interns make during their time in these roles. They learn the correct jargon used in their chosen industry and learn how to use English in a wide range of situations. As time progresses it is astonishing to see just how much a person can learn by being completely immersed in a country. Not only does their speaking, writing and comprehension of the language grow, their  confidence takes leaps and bounds in the right direction.

I would strongly advise anyone who as the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country to grab the bull by the horns and take the leap. You will benefit in countless ways and surely be surprised at your own abilities.