Improve your English speaking by following a few simple tips. During my time I spent teaching English, I found that often students can read and write the language better than they can actually speak it. Considering that the ability to have a conversation is one of the top reasons students site for learning English, it is important that students constantly improve their speaking. How you may ask? There are various different ways of going about it, here are my top picks.

Improve your English speaking with these 4 tips. Try improving by speaking at home, watching videos, listening to music and by slowing down.

Improve your English Speaking at Home

Firstly you may lack the confidence to try your hand at speaking English at first, so why not try at home by speaking to yourself aloud? Yes, you may sound a little odd to your neighbours, however you can try and try again without anyone having difficulty understanding you. Then when you are ready, you can venture out into the world and attempt your new vocabulary.

Improve your English Speaking by Watching Videos

Secondly listening to a dialogue and repeating it aloud is an easy way of learning new phrases and their meaning. Try out the application called FluentU. If you watch a video on the app you can read the subtitles at the same time. Alternatively, you can watch YouTube videos with English subtitles. After your favourite actor utters a line, pause the video and repeat what you have just heard.

Improve your English Speaking with Music

Thirdly one of the most popular ways of improving your speaking is through music. Listening to your favourite beats while learning the words will rapidly improve your speaking ability. You may just want to double check the pronunciation of the words. Some words do not make sense from the way they are sung.

Improve your English Speaking by Slowing Down

Lastly, according to MyEnglishTeacher.Eu Slowing down the speed at which you speak will allow you to speak more clearly and practise forming sounds that might not be part of your mother tongue. They go on to say that, “nobody will hold it against you if you speak more slowly and clearly. Great speakers do the same to get their message across. Select your words carefully.  This is a sign of respect towards your audience. It shows that you want to give them the best possible answer.”

As I started off saying I have shared only a few tips on how to improve your speaking. Essentially it all comes down to practise, practise, practise and confidence. If you get a confused look but don’t worry. Just relax, take a breath deep and try again.