Improve your English speaking in the evenings with Oxford English Academy. So how do you learn to speak English? As I mentioned before, it is an on-going process that takes a lot of commitment and motivation. You may be taking part in an immersion programme abroad, or you may even live in an English speaking country. If you are in Oxford under either of these circumstances, then Oxford English Academy can help you to learn English.

Improve your English speaking with Oxford English Academy. We offer evening classes that give extra practice, are dynamic and fun and work on pronunciation.

You may be taking English language classes at an English school but feel that you need more practice. In this case, you can take our evening classes . We run classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and all are welcome to join us. The classes concentrate on many topics but are mainly geared towards learning how to speak English fluently and on English pronunciation.

So what makes these evening classes so effective? Well, there are a number of reasons and below are a few:

Improve your English Speaking with Extra Practice

The classes provide extra practice and as we all know, practice makes perfect! The more you speak English, the better you will get at speaking English!

Improve your English Speaking with Dynamic Classes

The classes are dynamic and interactive. This means students participate and get involved. Often the teacher will just facilitate the class and allow students to lead the class. Once again, this means that students learn how to speak English fluently because they are practicing and participating.

Improve your English Speaking with Pronunciation

Student work a lot on pronunciation. This can help them to speak English well. This is one of the most popular parts of the English course because pronunciation can sometimes be neglected during morning classes in favour of grammar and vocabulary.

For students who may already be living in Oxford and who may work during the day, the evening classes are a way for them to hone their English skills and to meet other students as well.

Evening English courses at Oxford English Academy are beneficial to English learners at all levels and in all situations. So contact us today and book your spot. See you soon!