Improve English speaking skills in 5 easy steps. It’s as easy as that. I wrote a blog post before about this subject. But I believe it’s so important that I wrote another one!

I’m a second language German speaker and I know that I feel extremely embarrassed to speak German in front of first language speakers. You may have the same experience when speaking English and this could be holding you back. Below are some tips that I use to improve my speaking and I’m sure they will help you as well:

Improve English speaking skills in 5 easy steps. Most important step is to practise! Follow these steps and you will be a fluent English speaker in no time!

Improve English Speaking Skills by Keeping it Slow and Simple

Take time to think about your sentences and to choose the correct words. And don’t worry about using complicated vocabulary. If you can’t find a word, try and word it in another way with words you do know.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

This is something that I really struggled with at the beginning because I am such a perfectionist. Remember that by making mistakes, you will learn, therefore improving your English speaking. And sometimes it’s best to practise your fluency rather than correct grammar and vocabulary.

Improve English Speaking Skills by Recording Yourself

This is a great way to read out loud, to practice your pronunciation and to ‘speak’ in a safe environment. You can also practice reading quickly or learning words to recite from a song you like, without getting too embarrassed.

Learn some useful phrases

You can help your vocabulary along very nicely by learning phrases rather than single words. This means that you will feel more confident speaking in certain situations because you are familiar with the conventions of speech. Learn phrases such as ‘nice to meet you’ or ‘where are you from’ to start conversations with native English speakers.

Improve English Speaking Skills by Speaking

This is the most valuable bit of advice for anybody learning a new language and wanting to improve their speaking. You have to speak as much as you can. This could be to friends, in an English classroom or even to yourself!

Improving your English speaking is a great goal to have. You can easily achieve this goal by practising as much as possible. Become a blabbermouth and a get verbal diarrhoea because this is how you will improve your spoken English.