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If you want to improve English speaking, it’s a good idea to learn some fixed phrases. Do this rather than learning loads and loads of individual words. In this way you will have tools to help you in certain situations rather than trying to string together all the single words you’ve learnt. Below are some fixed English phrases you can use in everyday situations:

Improve English speaking by learning fixed English phrases. In this post we show you phrases for greeting, agreeing, thanking and saying goodbye in English.

Improve English Speaking with Fixed Phrases for Greeting

Greeting someone in English is a good way to break the ice and to show some of your personality. You can choose formal phrases such as Good morning or Nice to meet you in a business meeting. But for a more relaxed way to greet someone, you can say Hey or Hi or even How’s it going and What’s up.

Improve English Speaking with Fixed Phrases for Agreeing

Agreeing with someone in English can be done in a number of formal and informal ways. You can say I agree with you wholeheartedly in a business meeting and in a more informal situation you can say Absolutely or For sure.

Improve English Speaking with Fixed Phrases for Thanking

Thanking someone in English is something you should learn very early on in your English-speaking career. Formally you can say Thank you so very much or I’m eternally grateful or informally you can say Cheers or Thanks mate.

Improve English Speaking with Fixed Phrases for Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye in English is also something you will probably learn early on when learning English. Formally you can say Take care or Goodbye and if you’re saying farewell to friends you can say Cheers, Bye, bye or Have a good one.

If you learn fixed phrases in English, you will have tools to communicate successfully in English. Always remember to choose phrases that suit the situation. The reason for this is that informal phrases shouldn’t be used in a business meeting. In the same way, very formal phrases will sound sarcastic and strange when speaking to your friends. Happy English learning!