How to speak English fluently is a very good question! I’m sure that most people who learn English want to be able to speak the language fluently. They want to speak with confidence, without grammar mistakes and with a good accent. These are admirable goals to work towards. But often students are disheartened because these objectives are quite difficult to achieve. And sometimes can take years to master fully.  And as most people know, learning English is a confidence game. Below are a few suggestions on how to be a fluent English speaker that are easy to achieve and which will boost your confidence:

How to speak English fluently in 4 easy steps? Don't be embarrassed, practice as much as possible, don't worry about your accent and listen to others.

How to Speak English Fluently without Embarrassment

Swallow your pride! That means, don’t worry about making mistakes or sounding silly. Most people will help you when you are stuck with a word. Many will be happy that you are making an effort to communicate with them. And if they are not, then don’t concern yourself with such people because they are not worth your effort

How to Speak English Fluently by Practicing

This is something that I cannot stress enough and that I have mentioned many times before. The more you speak English, the more fluent you will become. You will pick up phrases that work for you, will acquire new vocabulary and will gain confidence

How to Speak English Fluently by not Worrying about your Accent

It is really difficult to learn a British English or American English accent and it usually takes years of living in an English-speaking country. But so what? Many native English speakers adore foreign accents and as long as you speak slowly and clearly, your accent will not hinder you speaking fluently

How to Speak English Fluently by Listening to Others

Sometimes you will learn more from listening than from speaking. You will get a lot of colloquial language by listening to native English speakers, be it in person, on the television or a podcast. Make sure you take note of words and phrases that you aren’t sure of so that you can look them up afterwards.

Speaking English fluently is achievable. It takes a lot of heart, passion and motivation bit commit to the process and you will be rattling off in English before you know it. Happy chatting!