How to improve English with Pinterest? There are many ways to improve English online. Pinterest is one of the most all-consuming social media platforms. I know that I can spend hours trawling through all the ‘pins’ of beautiful houses, gorgeous interiors, cool fashions and delicious recipes. Not to mention the DIY projects that are always made to look so easy but are not so in reality! And with the option to buy directly from Pinterest, it would seem that the site is more a catalogue of desirable objects. But Pinterest has definitely become much more than this and many different types of industries use it to market their services and wares and to offer advice and information. There is definitely the possibly to learn English with Pinterest.

This can be achieved in two ways. If one searches for ‘English grammar’ for example, there are many pins of English grammar infographics. Infographics are a simple and concise visual representation of something and can be a fun and easy way to learn present perfect, for example! In this visual age, this is definitely a good way learn something!

Another way to use Pinterest to learn English is to create boards or to follow other boards or people with specific English-learning themes. This works effectively because Pinterest is in essence a way to visually store the addresses of different websites and blog posts that you are interested in. So you could create or follow a board about IELTS exam preparation. Then when you need some help with a particular aspect of the exam, you can go to your board and access all the websites in one place.

We have a useful Pinterest board that has many hints and tips for learning English.


Have fun exploring but be careful not to fall down the Pinterest rabbit holes because you may never return!