How can we learn English quickly, easily and effectively? This is a question that I hear very often. It is a simple question with many different answers.  In this blog post I hope to shed some light on a few ways that you can learn English. But in order to answer this question, I think it’s important to make it more specific.

How can we learn English quickly, easily and effectively? You can take an intensive English course, have fun learning English and set realistic goals. How can we learn English quickly?

I think that most people would like to achieve their goals as quickly as possible and learning English is no different. In this case, the best advice is to take an intensive programme (30 hours of tuition a week) on an immersion programme (in an English speaking country). By ‘immersing’ yourself in or surrounding yourself with English, you will learn the language very quickly.

How can we learn English easily?

It is human nature to try and take the easiest path to a destination. This is also true for learning English. I believe that when you are truly interested in something, you will master it quickly. In practical terms this means reading books in English on subjects you enjoy, speaking English in relaxed social situations and not being too hard on yourself. Enjoy the process and it will be easy and fun.

How can we learn English effectively?

Learning English effectively may differ from person to person. For one English student, this could mean reaching C2 or proficiency level while for another it may mean learning to communicate effectively when on holiday. By setting your goals in the beginning and by making sure they are realistic and achievable, you will be able to learn English effectively for you. Remember to also re-examine them periodically to see that they are still right for you.

Finally how you can learn English is mostly about commitment. Whatever path you choose, make sure that you can walk it with a smile on your face.  And always take small and regular steps in the right direction. Happy learning!