How can I learn English? This is a question many English learners ask themselves. Being in the English learning industry, I always assume that everybody knows everything about learning English. This is obviously not the case as everybody has to start their English learning journey somewhere. So this post is for you. Below are 3 ways that you can learn English:

How can I learn English? You can learn English abroad with Oxford English Academy, or in your home country or even online. Choose what's best for you.

How Can I Learn English the Quickest?

The best and most effective way you can learn English is by taking an immersion courseAt Oxford English Academy we can offer students the immersion English destination of Oxford. Learn English to be ‘immersed’ or totally surrounded by English. And what better place than in the academic heart of the UK? You will learn English in your classroom, with your host family and on the social programme. Even if you are not a keen student, the English language will seep into your skin and your skills will improve.

How Can I Learn English in my own Country?

The next best way you can learn English is by taking classes in your own country. For many people this is the most viable option.  Commitment and motivation will help you to learn English this way. I suggest joining a language school such as Oxford English AcademyWe have schools in Misurata, Kunming, Bangkok, Vladivostok, Hanoi and Cairo, with more being established every year.

How Can I Learn English Online?

Another great way you can learn English is by learning online. This is the most cost-effective method and gives the most freedom and flexibility. Use free and paid programmes to learn English. At the same time engage with English speakers on social media sites. Oxford English Academy also has an online learning system.

I hope this post has helped you see how you can learn English and that there are many options available to you. Just remember that the most important element of all the methods is commitment, motivation and passion. Happy English learning!