It is a well known saying that times flies when you are having fun. Suddenly you find yourself about to graduate from Oxford English Academy. Your English has improved immensely and you are proud of your newly acquired skills. While you studied at the school you probably didn’t even realise how much you learnt every single day. Not only in the classroom but outside just as much. As we have said many times before, living in an English speaking country is the perfect way to learn. The problem is now you are going home, where there are less people who speak English on a daily basis. So how do you make sure that you do not lose all you have learnt?

There are many ways to ensure you don’t regress again. The best way is of course practice, practice, practice. Try to keep doing daily exercises. Like all things in life, you need to keep doing what you want to improve at. It may be more of a challenge to speak English in your home country, however if you have anyone who can speak, ask them to meet with you regularly and make a point of conversing only in English. You can help each other and possibly learn a little more as well.

Keep in touch with the friends you have made while abroad. You will easily be able to chat about shared memories and experiences. The staff at the school are all only too happy to hear from past students. Give us a call and we will all take turns to say hello!

Set up group Skype calls with friends from all over the world and you can probably have a great time while staying in the loop.

It might be a good idea to buy a few books here before you head off. Find what interests you and take it home with you. As many of our blog posts have mentioned in the past, there are many ways online to learn English. When you watch a movie, do it in English and set your laptop’s default language to English.

I would really recommend that you make sure you are exposed to English in some way every day, whether it be speaking to someone, listening to music or writing a postcard! Alternatively you can always start planning your next trip, perhaps to one of our other schools for another unforgettable experience!