They tried to separate her blue, red, white, yellow, green and black. All individual colours but through amazing selflessness she thrived and became one nation. One caring, loving, filled with rhythm, braaing nation. She has conquered a lot and she is still going to change the world. They could say whatever they want about her but she will always know that she is a work in progress and has been a pillar to a few of its neighbours that have had more years than her in action. Her name is South Africa and she is very dear to my heart. She is not perfect I’ll tell you that, she comes with a lot of baggage and scars but she is filled with gold, platinum and diamond. You will abandon her from time to time because of her crime rates and racial segregation but the beauty about her and her people is that they know they have a long way to go and they are moving towards that. Her name is South Africa and she is very dear to my heart. A lot of people will try to destroy what she has built through meaningless disputes but again she will strive because it is not about the few that are trying to destroy what she has worked so hard for. It’s about the many who accept that this is an endless process in which they are prepared to constantly work on. It’s about deciding that what matters is not only our individuality, who and what we relate to or what other in our specific communities think, but also the comfort of our companions. The people in which we share our geographical location with. It’s about acknowledging the feelings of others just as much as yours and knowing what is right and wrong.