The teachers and management had a roaring time at Green Point Park on Friday. After a very busy morning it was great to be able to relax and have fun on the lawns.

We were told that we were going to have great fun and games. Management outlined and explained the games we were going to play. First we had to choose a colour we liked and then we would form four groups. We lapped it all up with bated breath. We were encouraged to give our groups outrageous names. I belonged to the Red Devils, fancy that! The first fun thing started and we were all squealing with laughter as unused muscles and ligaments were forced into action.

The groups were given befuddling games at intervals that we had to work out. There was a lot of laughter as we contemplated solving the conundrums. They were extremely puzzling at first but thanks to a very clever, savvy group member we soon got to work them out.

The first group that finished the conundrum would win a prize and guess what? We the Red Devils won! The other groups did very well too. We relaxed for a while and then it was time to select the most popular person in various categories, for example, the person who drinks the most coffee in a day, nice Nelly, The best dressed person, the person who is never at their desk, etc which brought on lots of laughter and cheering.

Then it was time for gift giving and each person had to guess who gave them their gift. I must admit that I couldn’t guess who gave me my gift. Someone told me afterwards who it was. The person I gave a gift to guessed immediately that it was me. I asked her how she guessed and she said that she had a feeling. I think maybe it was the expression on my face that most probably gave me away.

Then it was time for snacks which was lovely and then later followed by gorgeous packed lunches with juices, chocolates and gifts. We sat around eating and talking to one another. It was relaxing and there was a wonderful spirit of camaraderie amongst all of us. After a while top management gave speeches and that rounded off a most pleasant afternoon.

We all enjoyed ourselves very much in the fresh air on the lawns with nature all around us.