Global English school is what you need to choose if you want the best English learning. As we have established by now, the English learning industry is massive worldwide. There are so many English schools to choose from that it can surely become quite overwhelming to choose one that will serve you best.

Global English school is best if you want to receive quality English tuition. Oxford English Academy offers the best classes, teachers and homestay.


Oxford English Academy Social Programme

Firstly, we place value on learning inside as well as outside the classroom. Teachers and the school director run the social programme in Oxford. Therefore, your ‘English School’ accompanies you even after hours while you experience and explore the new world that surrounds you.

Oxford English Academy is a Global English School Online

Secondly, our English School reaches far beyond your time spent at the school. We have launched our inspiring new online platform called Oxford English Online. This means you will have access to the platform before you arrive to do a placement test and start on pre-course work. And do not fret, you get take our English School home with you as well! When you have completed your course with us, you will still have access to the platform for another three months!

Oxford English Academy is a Global English School

Thirdly, I cannot complete this blog without mentioning location, location, location. Each English School has its selling points and I must admit that the carefully picked locations of our schools is a definite advantage. Our Cape Town school is in the heart of the city, close to all amenities. In addition students stay close enough to walk to school. Our school in Oxford only places students within walking distance to the school. No sitting on the bus in traffic for hours to get school in the mornings.

Oxford English Academy is an Accredited Global English School

Lastly, at Oxford English Academy we are cautiously upgrading and improving ourselves. We might be considered a younger English school in the industry but both our schools have already received ASIC Premier Status. Our school in Cape Town is preparing itself for EAQUALS Accreditation as well. These inspections are not easy for any English school to go through and yet we are endeavouring to take them on wholeheartedly!