So, you’re coming to Cape Town, one of Africa’s leading cities in terms of modern development and a host to a number of natural wonders and human successes. Host to one of the most unforgettable and awe-inspiring mountains, Table-Mountain (which was named as one of the new 7 wonders of the World in 2012), official Blue-Flag beaches, a FIFA World Cup Stadium and named as the 2014 World Design Capital and let us not forget, home to the first ever Heart Transplant. Cape Town truly stands out as a city that is taking the country and the world into the future. So whilst the Mother City gets us there, you may want to know how to get around her.

Whether you are coming here to learn English or just to take in its beauty, there are many ways of seeing Cape Town and the easiest and cheapest would be to put some water in a bottle and some shoes on your feet and get walking. There is so much to see in the Town Centre; from the Bo-Kaap with its Cape Dutch-styled buildings to the World-Famous Greenmarket square and little-known gems such as The Company Gardens or De Waal Park. While you’re out there you can take the opportunity to stop and ask for directions and practice using what you’ve learned.

With so much to see and do you may want to travel a bit faster, for this there are a range of options from taxis to busses and of course the infamous minibuses.

Taxis – There are a range of private hire taxis and these generally range from R8.80 per kilometer up to R12-15.00 per kilometer for the fancier vehicles. Uber also operates in South Africa and is generally cheaper apart from during peak periods when they push up the prices due to demand.

Busses – With the introduction of the MyCiti bus system in 2010 to “meet the public transport requirements for hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup.” ( the city has become connected in ways like no other city in South Africa. A new card will cost you R30.00 (less than US$3.00) which you load with money or points and you only get charged for the distance you travel, broken down into categories from 0-5km and up to >60km. For a more touristic approach, the Red Bus operates in Cape Town with its central hub on Long Street, not too far from Oxford English Academy.

Minibuses – South Africa is perhaps a country that isn’t as strict as England when it comes to Health and Safety and because of this we have the effervescent mode of transport known as the Minibus Taxi. While prices vary depending on the route you take they can be as little as R7.00 between Town and Sea Point and no more than R20.00 for longer routes.

Whether you are here for a week or a year, Cape Town, along with all of its transport options, will be glad to have you and assist you on seeing many of its wonders.