It is natural to think of the learning process as dull and boring. After all, this is how much of school would have been for many people. However, things are changing and with modern moves towards integrating things like the internet and modern technology into classrooms that might just be changing.

There are many different ways of getting the message across these days and the same goes for education. There are websites like TedEd and Google for Education that have changed the way the classroom works and are trying to make the learning experience more interactive and learner based.

But what about fun?

I believe that games in the classroom have become more commonplace in modern times than ever before, and this is especially true for the language classroom. When something is gamified it becomes more enjoyable, people get more involved and this causes a knock-on effect that makes the whole experience more memorable.

The beauty is you don’t have to sit and plan out a lesson either, it’s as simple as opening a box and following the rules.

There are many games to choose from;

30 Seconds: A family classic but also one that has gone down very well every time I have played it with students.

Pictionary: Get the students describing objects to their classmates using adjectives, verbs and anything else except for the noun (object) that’s drawn.

Scrabble: A more relaxed and thinking game but still can be made competitive with the score tally and of course a great way for students to learn new words, spelling and pronunciation.

Trivial Pursuit: This is one for the higher level students but can be adapted for the lower levels but this game will expand your students’ general knowledge and get them asking and answering questions in English.

Of course we can’t play games all the time and learning is about more than just having fun, it needs to be balanced and structured, however for the times when your students need a slight jolt in the department of motivation, a lot can be said for the usage of games.