One thing that you will learn very fast about Cape Town is that the people who live here love their food, wine and their beer. Oxford English Academy is situated very close to the famous Beerhouse, which you will not be able because of its bright yellow exterior, as you walk down Long Street. It is a great place to relax on Fridays after a long week of learning English and I am sure that you will be meeting a couple of locals who always hang-out here. This will give you the chance to practice your English and to make some new friends.

This contemporary beer hall in the heart of the Mother City showcases the best in local, international and micro-brewed beers. With a minimum of 99 bottled beers from 13 different countries and 16 taps poised to fill everything from pints and 100 millilitre tasters to frothy 1 litre jugs, you are spoilt for choice.

Their beer is served by the most knowledgeable and passionate staff in the industry and their food definitely compliments the large beer variety. The staff will be able to tell you all about where a beer comes from and how it’s made.

If you need any more convincing to visit this funky place I can give you a couple more reasons:

1. Watch sport. It’s the ideal place to sit with friends and to watch the game. They have flat-screen televisions set up around the bar and a massive projector screen for showing big matches.

2. Bring non-beery mates into the fold. There are non-alcoholic ales and also wines, ciders, spirits and coffee to try.

3. Great food. As is the case with everything from the bar’s design to the staff training, Beerhouse’s food menu will deliver both stomach liners and options likely to challenge your taste buds.

4. Awesome lunchtime specials. Every day of the workweek Beerhouse offers a different hearty mid-day meal option for just R50. But the best news is that the ale house throws in a 350 millilitre draught beer or soft drink as part of the deal.