Food has become what lost people bond over. It went from being a thing of sustenance to being the cure to each and everyone’s problems. For me I go to bed already knowing what I’m going to have for breakfast. I don’t know if that’s being pro-active or just obsessive. Some say this is the reason why two in every three Americans are overweight or obese. This problem is spreading even to our shores to our youth with two out of ten children between the age of 2-14 being classified as overweight. This then raises questions such as are people over indulging on unhealthy food? Is the food that is supposed to be healthy deceiving us? Are people just misinformed when it comes to healthy eating and diet? Personally I think it’s the small things that count. It starts with the tainted word “diet”. A word that means the type of food that a person or an animal habitually eats. Well to most it just means you are either eating less or the food has suddenly lost its flavour. This is not true as the word could apply to both healthy and unhealthy diets. For example some people consider potatoes as vegetables. Many people are eating solid filling vegetables such as sweet potatoes, butternut and various other root vegetables as part of their vegetable consumption. Completely forgetting about leafy green vegetables. This could be due to the consequence of buying fresh vegetables, as they last a maximum of one to two weeks meaning constant purchase. This could also be due to the major difference in the quality of frozen vegetables to fresh ones. With people living below the poverty line and some living from pay check to pay check, having constant money for buying fruits and vegetables might not be their priority.