Have you ever seen a fast food commercial and thought the food looked really good, then only to see the real life version and be disappointed?  Well I’m sure this not only applies to food but many different aspects of life; a certain expectation is created and often not met. At Oxford English Academy Cape Town and Oxford we often ask ourselves what we can do to make sure that our students’ expectations are not just met but exceeded.

It was with this in mind that I started researching what makes for a successful English learning experience.   When a potential student makes the decision to study English abroad they may already have a country in mind. One of the deciding factors being the distance they want to travel. Some students may not want to travel for 12 hours to get to their destination while others want the experience and adventure of travelling to the other side of the world. Obtaining a visa to the country of choice also plays a role, as this determines the length of stay and ease of which to enter the country.

Once a student arrives the satisfaction level of their experience will be based on a wide range of factors. The student will immediately start comparing their experience to what they had expected with regards to, amongst other things, the transfer from the airport, their choice of accommodation and of course the school itself. While reading up on this topic I repeatedly came across one aspect that was to most students a non-negotiable: the quality of their tuition or ‘Academic Excellence’, as we like to call it at Oxford English Academy. The quality of the teacher, the materials used and their overall learning experience will ultimately decide how satisfied a student is at the end of their course.

I have found that a student who arrives with an open mind, open to new cultures and new experiences is often the happiest during their stay. Students who come to a foreign country and embrace everything it has to offer often leave with the best memories and most improved English skills. Not to mention all the new friends they have made.