ESL classes with Oxford English Academy are a great way to learn English! So you’ve decided to learn English abroad on an immersion programme. You have everything arranged in terms of your visa, your flight, your accommodation and your course. But what will your ESL classes actually be like? You might have visions of a strict teacher, lecturing you from the front of the class as you furiously take notes. Don’t worry! This is definitely not the case. I can guarantee that you are going to enjoy your English course!

ESL Classes with Oxford English Academy start with a placement test, then going to class and benefiting from the effective way that we teach English.

ESL Classes start with your Placement Test

On the day that you arrive, you will have a few hours of orientation. This will include being show around the school and meeting the staff and teachers. During this time you will also take a placement test. This test will let us know which class to put you in by testing your grammar, reading, writing and speaking. You will go to class to meet your teacher and fellow students after you’ve taken your test.

Your ESL Classes are not like Normal Classes

You will notice that the classroom is not like a traditional classroom with rows and rows of tables. We set our tables up in a t-shape to ensure that students can easily communicate with each other. At the same time the teacher can move around the class with ease. You will also notice that there is only space for 12 students. We do this to ensure that students have a lot of time with the teacher.

Your ESL Classes are Communicative

Once class begins, you might find it strange that the teacher does not do that much talking but rather encourages students to speak. This is because we use the Communicative Approach, which means that students improve their communication skills in a fun and safe environment. Lastly, you might be surprised that the teacher doesn’t only use a course book but also uses video, magazines, music, practical tasks and many other interesting activities in class. This is because successful learning can occur in many different ways for different students and the teacher wants to ensure that each student is engaged and motivated.

Academic excellence is one of our most important goals and we strive to ensure that each and every student gets the most out of their English class. So hop on that plane and come and enjoy the learning experience of a lifetime! See you soon!