English school in Oxford for learning English? You already know about all the technology and apps out there to help you learn English. But what about going to an English school? An English school in Oxford is where you want to be.

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English School in Oxford is the best choice. Choose Oxford English Academy in Oxford for quality English, an international school and fun activities.

Is an English School in Oxford really the best way to learn English?

A lot of people ask: What is the best way to learn English quickly?” I couldn’t be more certain in my answer when I say that going back to school is the best choice when compared to all the other options that are out there. In a school, you will feel the encouragement of your teachers and other students in the classroom. You meet other people going through the same hardships as yourself.  And you get the opportunity to interact with people in and around the school. One of the main things, of course, is that you get to practice your English every single day.

English Schools in Oxford and Cape Town

Our schools in Cape Town, South Africa and in Oxford, England offer full immersion into the English language and this, of course, helps when learning at an English school. Our other schools around the globe are also amazing choices because you may not have to leave your country to school, which should make the process easier and more accessible for many people.

English School in Oxford is for everyone

The ESL world generally revolves around adults, however we do also have a number of younger students that either don’t have English as an option at school or are looking to do summer or vacation courses to boost their knowledge and get a step ahead of everyone else.

No matter your age, your level and, most importantly, no matter what you want to do with the English language and your personal reasons for learning. If you are wondering what your next step should be and you are deciding between apps, online courses or going to school, remember, English school in Oxford is the best choice for you.

English School in Oxford is Great for Fun Activities

When choosing an English school, the after-school activities will always be a consideration. Oxford has a lot to offer students! Oxford is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom. Known for being the home of the Oxford University. However, there are various reasons to visit the place and here there are:

The Isis

This is where the famous river Thames meets the river Cherwell in Oxford. Oxford University has its annual rowing tournaments here.


Oxford is less than a hundred kilometres away from London. This means that in about an hour you can experience a whole new world. Not that there will be reasons to go to London except that it’s London.

Pizza and Good Looking Men

An online magazine asked the people of Oxford what they have in abundance and they listed places to have pizza and good looking men. If this is not reason enough to visit I don’t know what would be.

Oxford Castle Quarter

The well-known Oxford Castle Quarter is home to the Norman Oxford Castle, then the infamous Oxford prison, part of these historic building still remain. However there are also restaurants and bars which give an amazing contemporary feel to the place.

Historic Buildings and Museums

Finally, the wide array of historic buildings and museums, including the iconic Radcliffe Camera which is not a camera but a large circular building built in 1737-1749 turned into a library. Also the Pitt Rivers Museum, a gothic-style building noted for its Victorian cases packed with anthropological curiosities from all over the world- including the revered shrunken heads from South America.

A Little History of our English School in Oxford

Oxford English Academy is a franchise of English schools that was established in 2006. It started in the city of Oxford in the United Kingdom and has since spread to 7 countries. The META Region, consisting of the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, was established in 2010. Currently there are 3 schools in the region so you can learn English in Cape Town, which has two campuses and Misurata. In addition you can learn English in Oxford, which is also owned by the META Region.

Oxford English Academy META Region

Oxford English Academy META Region started in Cape Town, South Africa. Many good stories start small and we started with one tiny campus, two students and one teacher. Our open door policy, flexibility and family atmosphere started back in 2010 and continue until the present.  This coupled with our dedication, passion and motivation, means we have built up a solid base of students, teachers and staff members. Many of our teachers and staff members have been with us for many years.  And many of our students return or refer friends and family. We spent the first three years of being in existence, perfecting our offering and honing our skills.

Our English School in Oxford

In 2013 we started a phase of rapid development. Firstly we established a second campus in Cape Town.  And this was quickly followed by establishing Oxford English Academy in Misurata in Libya. In 2015 we established our school in Kidlington in Oxford. We may be a franchise of English school.  But we pride ourselves on offering the best English-learning experience to students at all of our schools. We have made it our mission to keep and foster the personal service we offered our students back in 2010. So rest assured that you will be treated by family at any of Oxford English Academy META Region’s schools and that’s what makes us a great choice for students who want to learn English.

If you are going to choose an English school, choose one in Oxford. And if you’re going to choose an English school in Oxford, choose Oxford English Academy!