English school in Cape Town? Well, if you’re looking for the best city for activities and learning English, then Cape Town is for you!

English school in Cape Town? Yes, it's a great choice! There's so much to do and the only thing stopping you, is you! So hop on a plane and come here ASAP!

English School in Cape Town – Table Mountain

Students who choose an English in Cape Town are spoilt for choice.  There are so many activities to fill their spare time. The school’s social programme is varied and exciting and has something for each taste and inclination. But often we are asked what the very best thing is to do in Cape Town. When a student is only learning English for a short period of time, they want to make the most of their time. So without hesitation we always answer in the same way: “You simply have to go up Table Mountain!” Named one of the 7 New Wonders of the World in 2011, Table Mountain easily lives up to this honourable title. It truly is magnificent to stand on the flat top of the mountain, for which it received its name, and to have a vista of the city of Cape Town below.

Getting up Table Mountain

The mountain is just over 1000 metres above sea level, which means that getting to the top can take a bit of effort. The easiest way, and for some the most enjoyable, is to take the cable car. The upgraded vehicle can take almost 70 passengers and slowly turns 360 degrees on the ascent and descent. It can be quite thrilling as it smoothly and quite rapidly glides up, close to the face of the mountain.

But for those who are more energetic, then hiking up a gorge that splits the mountain in two, is also an option. The climb is quite steep and takes about two hours.  But the feeling of triumph and achievement upon reaching the top, makes it all worth it! There’s nothing like conquering a mountain to make one feel like the king of the hill!

So if you are planning to come to Cape Town to learn English, then I highly recommend visiting Table Mountain during your stay. You can book tickets for the Table Mountain Cableway online but be warned that this mountain gets many, many visitors all year round. You might have to wait or if you can’t, get those hiking boots on and master the mountain by foot!

English School in Cape Town – Historical Activities

Cape Town offers such an array of tourist activities that it will take you some time before you run out of things to do. However, you might be studying at Oxford English Academy for an extended period of time and by now you have exhausted all the malls, you’ve climbed all the mountains, you have established your favourite places to eat and you know your way around the city. Now what?

Cape Town Museums

I am willing to bet that you have not yet visited all the wonderfully interesting museums the city has to offer. Besides the amazing scenery, Cape Town is rich in history and as history goes it’s not always been a happy one. As is the case with many countries, a part of our past includes slavery. On the corner of Wale and Adderley streets in the city centre, a few minutes’ walk from our upper campus, you will find the Slave Lodge. According to their website the museum was “renamed the Slave Lodge. Under the umbrella theme, ‘From human wrongs to human rights, exhibitions on the lower level of this museum explore the long history of slavery in South Africa. Through our changing, temporary exhibitions we address issues around and raise awareness of human rights.”

Another part of our past that does not incite fond memories is the story of District Six. During the apartheid regime more than 60 000 people were forcibly removed from their homes to an area now called the Cape Flats. The District Six museum was established in 1994 and takes a look at these removals as well as the vibrant life that was in this district before the horrendous happenings.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! I really enjoy visiting the Iziko South African Museum in The Company Gardens. You’ll find an enormous whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. And traditional clothing of our diverse cultures with 120 000 year old stone tools. The museum was founded in 1825. So as you can imagine with almost 200 years’ worth of contributions, the exhibitions are full of treasures.

Practise your English at Museums

Visiting these historical venues is not only interesting for their cultural value. But it also gives you yet another opportunity to learn and expand your English skills. You can practise your reading, listening and speaking skills on an outing to a museum, especially if you have a guide take you on a tour. I have only mentioned three of numerous historical sites in Cape Town. For more information visit the Iziko website.

English School in Cape Town – Eating Out

One of the best parts about learning English in an English-speaking country is experiencing what the country has to offer in terms of culture, entertainment and fun. And what better way to experience this than by going out to eat! Cape Town is a city for foodies*. And luckily for students who learn English at Oxford English Academy, they have the famous Long Street on the doorstep of the upper campus of the school. And this means a myriad of eatery choices! Below are a few of the most popular places close to the school to tantalise your taste buds:

The Best Restaurants Close to School

Fork Restaurant is for those who do not need huge portions but who prefer small, exquisite tastes of many different dishes.

Royale Eatery offers a huge variety of gourmet burgers and milkshakes. If you are a vegetarian, you can choose loads of delicious veggie burgers.

Mama Africa  is a must visit. This restaurant is extremely popular with our students because it is unique and lots of fun. There are traditional South African dishes. And those with a more adventurous palette can try wild game such as crocodile, ostrich and warthog. To add to this exotic experience there is amazing live African music.

Addis in Cape Ethiopian Restaurant is another unique and wonderful dining experience.  Diners eat flavourful dishes with their hands and communal eating is a big part of the tradition.

Nando’s Long Street is a very popular fast food chain that is loved by all South Africans. Here you can have spicy chicken with French fries and Portuguese bread. Not the most gourmet restaurant but definitely one of the best fast food chains in terms of quality and taste.

The famous Long Street offers English students such a choice. Whatever your taste buds desire, you will find something to satisfy them here.

* A foodie is someone who enjoys eating and who is always looking for new and exciting dishes to try.

English School in Cape Town – There’s so Much to Do!

As you can see, by choosing an English school in Cape Town, you will have so much to do after class. Cape Town is a city of fun, learning and experiences. So choose Oxford English Academy as your English school in Cape Town. And let us help you have a once in a lifetime English-learning experience!