English school for foreigners? There are a few factors you should take into consideration. The school will most likely be far away from home. Here are four things to find out from every English School you decide to contact.

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English school for foreigners? A good school should help with visas, have accreditation, a good location and weekly testing to gauge progress.

English School for Foreigners gives Visa Assistance

Firstly you need to ask what kind of, if any, visa application assistance the school provides. All English Schools for foreigners should be able to supply you with documentation to support your visa application. Visa requirements will differ from one country to the next. Make sure to find out exactly what yours are. Your school will provide you with an Acceptance or Invitation Letter to study at the school. At Oxford English Academy, our Student Services team will assist you with any questions you might have.

English School for Foreigners has ACCREDITATION

Secondly it may be worth your while to ask if the school you are dealing with has accreditation with any official organisations. There are world-wide standards that English Schools must adhere to. An accreditation will verify that a school is conforming to these standards. Our schools in Cape Town, South Africa and Oxford, United Kingdom have such accreditations.

English School for Foreigners should have a Good Location

Thirdly, research the city you choose to study in and take into consideration the location of the school. Is the school in a safe area? How will you travel from your accommodation to the school? Are there restaurants, cafes or shops nearby for you to get lunch? The location of the school and your accommodation can make a big difference in your experience. Perhaps download an offline map from Spotted by locals or download the applications. This way you will never get lost in a new city!

English School for Foreigners should have a Test Week

Lastly, find out about testing. Often English Schools will have a Test Week every 6-8 weeks in which you write a test and can improve your level. Ask you agent or the sales consultant at the school where your start date falls on the academic cycle. You may want to postpone the start of your course by a week or even start a week earlier. It should not make a very big difference to your course, but could be an added benefit of starting at the beginning of an academic cycle.