To find an English School in Cape Town is easy. There are many English schools to choose from. So how do you choose a good English course in Cape Town? Below are some hints and tips for choosing the best English course in Cape Town.

Oxford English Academy The Definitive Guide to Cape Town English Language Schools 1Make sure your English course is intensive

If you’re coming from abroad to learn English in Cape Town, then it makes sense to make the most of your English course and time in Cape Town. At Oxford English Academy in Cape Town we offer a fantastic course called Fast Track English 32 , which offers you 32 lessons per week of English tuition. It is an effective combination of English skills and grammar in the mornings and English conversation or Business English electives in the afternoon.

Make sure your English school is reputable

Not all English language schools in Cape Town will offer you the best English courses. At Oxford English Academy, we pride ourselves in offering a superior English learning programme. Don’t take my word for it. Click here to see reviews from our many happy students who achieved their English learning goals.

Make sure your English school offers a social programme

Social programme is one of the most important parts of your English course in Cape Town. It is also a chance to practise your English outside of your classroom. This will mean improving your English much faster. Click here to see Oxford English Academy Cape Town’s social programme videos.

Make sure your English school offers homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is another wonderful way to expand your English learning beyond your English course. Oxford English Academy Cape Town offers homestay accommodation within walking distance to school. Our caring hosts families make the effort to engage with students, this allows them to practise their English even more.

Choosing to learn English in Cape Town is going to be one of the best experiences of your life. Firstly you’ll receive top quality English tuition. Secondly you will experience a phenomenal city and meet warm. Thirdly you will stay with friendly South African host families. Choose Oxford English Academy Cape Town, we will ensure that your English-learning experience in Cape Town is one you’ll never forget.