English lessons in Cape Town are a great choice for those who want to learn quality English. And what better way to make your choice than by hearing what other students have to say? Last week I wrote about one of students here in Cape Town, Waleed Bajowaiber. He gave us his insights on why he thinks English is important and why it has grown in popularity amongst Saudi Arabians and the rest of the world.

English lessons in Cape Town are for students from all over the world. Choose Oxford English Academy based on students reviews of their time with us.

Today we asked him how his time has been here in Cape Town and whether he recommends this experience for others.

Your Experience with English Lessons in Cape Town

It has been a great experience. I have really improved my English and I have enjoyed my time in Cape Town. I have met a lot of nice people and made many friends from different countries.

Your Highlights of English Lessons in Cape Town

I have done many things while I have been here. I really enjoyed going to the Waterfront with my friends, there is so much to do there. Table Mountain is very beautiful and everyone should see it. Oxford English Academy took us on lots of trips, one of my favourites was when we went sandboarding, it was so exciting.

Your Goals for English Lessons in Cape Town

I want to go to university, I am still not sure what I want to study but I am thinking about becoming a pilot. For this I need to speak English very well.

Your RECOMMENDATIONS of English Lessons in Cape Town

Yes, I would. The staff are wonderful and the atmosphere is great. I have learnt a lot in my time here and they have really helped me to develop my English. When I started, I was at a Pre-Intermediate level and now I am in Upper-Intermediate and I want to get to the Advanced level before I leave, if possible. The teachers have a good relationship with the students and they help to motivate you. I would recommend Oxford English Academy to everybody.

So, there it is. Waleed has spent almost 6 months in Cape Town and has had “an experience that is so worth it.” It is nice to hear from one of our students that he has had such a great time and if anyone is thinking of doing something similar, hopefully his words have helped to reinforce that decision.