English learning in the Northern Hemisphere is considered the right thing to do. Making the big decision to travel abroad and study for any amount of time is a big undertaking. There are so many choices out there and so many little details to keep in mind. But you need to start somewhere! And the best place to start is to decide which country you want to immerse yourself in.

English learning in the Northern Hemisphere is a natural choice if you are looking for quality English. Learn English with Oxford English Academy in Oxford.

English Learning in the Northern Hemisphere

Each popular, as well as lesser known destination have their pros and cons. Let’s start off taking a look at the world’s most popular English learning countries. In this blog I will share with you the countries most visited by English language learners in the Northern Hemisphere.

English Learning in the United States

The United States of America has been and still is one of the top destinations for learning English abroad. Due to political instability and possible new visa laws this market might diminish. But the fact remains that many students have been brought up with the dream of heading to the USA to further their studies. It has been established that most students travel to the USA for current or future work purposes. As 96% of the surveyed students in ST Magazine would recommend their choice of school, you can be assured that the quality of tuition in general is very good.

English Learning in the United Kingdom

Next up the UK is a natural choice. The UK is after all the birthplace of our beloved language.  For this reason who wouldn’t want to learn it at its heart? Students travel from all over the globe to immerse themselves into this small country’s language, culture and people. The majority of visitors are from Asia with Western Europe following closely. In this day and age, competition is fierce. So shop around by all means.  But keep in mind that you don’t always want to settle for the cheapest!

English Learning in Ireland

Situated just a little north is the increasingly popular Ireland! The favourable currency exchange rates has been extremely beneficial to our Gaelic friends. Ireland is growing as a popular global tourist destination and paired with the low cost of living and sense of safety,  has seen a considerable increase in student numbers these past few years.

English Learning in Canada

One cannot ignore Canada as a big contender for the biggest English learning destination of the future. The country is safe, friendly and beautiful. It is not the cheapest option.  But it certainly will offer you a unique experience filled with adventure.

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, any of the above mentioned countries will be a good decision. You may need to ask yourself what type of lifestyle you would want to live while you learn English as this should most definitely help you make up your mind! And don’t forget about learning English in the Southern Hemisphere.