English learning is a necessity! English has fast become a language that has its roots in almost every country around the world. It may be less prominent in some countries but I can almost assure you that if you were to travel rather extensively you would struggle to find a place that has a complete absence of the English language. Now don’t get me wrong. There very well may be places where it is not. But I am willing to bet on these areas being fairly remote and/or with a strict government. It may be an English speaking expat that has since resided somewhere else or it may be a college or school that is teaching English to its locals. Bottom line, English is more or less everywhere.

English learning is a necessity for a number of reasons. English is everywhere and therefore brings people together and opens doors for them.

Some people argue that this is a sad reality of our time. They think  that we are losing heritage and culture as a result. There may be substance to this argument. However, I will do quite the opposite here.  I argue that the spread of the English language has benefits that far outweigh any of its negative side-effects.

Being an English teacher, I may be slightly biased.  But I believe that even apart from the fact that I am surrounded on a daily basis by English, it’s grammar and rules as well as people that teach it and those that come from all over the world to learn it, I feel that it can still be looked at from a neutral perspective.

English Learning Brings People Together

English is a global language that helps to connect people. Some suggest it separates the people that do not speak English from the rest of the world, but if most people that are learning English are doing so as a second language then it is surely bridging gaps between people as opposed to creating them.

English Learning is a Necessity because English is Everywhere

The English language has the biggest amount of content produced in any language. This allows people to access information on just about anything, therefore helping to educate people. The majority of the internet is in English. (It was difficult to find an exact, reputable figure, but I will go on what I could find and say it is above 50%.) If people can come together from all over the world and be able to share their knowledge and collaborate on projects and develop ideas simply because they can understand each other through a common language, then surely this leads to a more prosperous future.

Essentially the spread of English is a positive thing. All those that are learning it or that are teaching it are helping spread ideas and knowledge. This helps people to open doors. If all of that is because of the English language then I think it is not such a bad thing at all, rather quite an amazing one in fact. Join our schools in Oxford and Cape Town to join the Age if English.