English learning for beginners starts at the very beginning. Everybody has to start learning English somewhere. If you were fortunate enough to have English as a second or even third language from a young age, then you will probably not understand the agony and embarrassment that some adults feel when embarking on the English-learning journey. You really have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to make mistakes. For some people, who may be used to being in high corporate positions or who are very confident and able speakers in their own languages, this is terrifying. However, if you want to start learning English from scratch, below are a few hints and tips to help you:

English learning for beginners is easy. Learn online, take an immersion course or watch TV and YouTube videos. You'll learn English before you know it!

English Learning for Beginners with an Immersion Programme

Immersion English programmes are always a fantastic way to speed up learning the language as you are surrounded by English in all spheres of life such as in the classroom, with your host family and when engaging with people on the street.

Online English Learning for Beginners

Use an online English programme for beginners. You could use a programme like LEO, which will start you with the very basics. You will also be able to practise pronunciation.

English Learning for Beginners with TV and YouTube

Watch some basic television shows with subtitles in your language. You will have the benefit of hearing English, as well as understanding what they are speaking about. Remember to watch shows that you enjoy because learning English is all about engagement and fun!

Watch YouTube videos for beginners. A good video teacher will speak slowly, will repeat important words and phrases and will also write down everything for you to copy. You can also stop the video where necessary in order to look up words or to take a break.

Learning English as a beginner is not impossible. With motivation and commitment, you will be able to move past beginner level fairly quickly. Take advantage of all the wonderful resources the modern age has to offer and take the first step. Good luck!