English language learning tip and tricks? You’ve come to the right place! I recently read an article on the best way to learn a language. There are so many tips and tricks out there for the ambitious language speaker, and with the help of Oxford English Academy in Cape Town, English can be conquered in no time!

English language learning tips and tricks? Learn English by communicating, speaking, using a phrasebook and by asking lost of questions.

English Language Learning with Communication

The first tip is to focus on communication. Yes grammar is important, but real life conversations where you actively get to try out what you have learnt is how you really learn, especially if you are learning English to communicate, rather than just for exam purposes. Mistakes will happen, so the wonderful teachers at Oxford English Academy are there to correct and help you in your efforts. Trust in the age old expression of practise makes perfect.

English Language Learning by Speaking

The next tip is to start speaking the language from day one. Don’t wait until you’ve accumulated more words; start immediately by pointing out words and phrases you’ve learnt, in order to practise your pronunciation and improve vocabulary. After your Oxford English Academy lesson, use what you’ve learnt to chat to your fellow students, host families and other people you encounter.

English Language Learning with a Phrasebook

Using a phrasebook is a great way to improve vocabulary. You should also try to do this from the very first day. When learning phrases, singing the phrase can help with remembering how it is pronounced. Repetition flashcards are an effective way to remember vocabulary. Test yourself or your fellow students on the meaning and pronunciation on each card. You can turn this into a fun game.

Language Learning by Asking Questions

Ask lots of questions and don’t be shy if you make mistakes- learning another language is a very rewarding experience to embark on, and opens up a whole new world of culture and communication. Learning English at Oxford English Academy means meeting and interacting with people that were previously unreachable because of the language barrier- therefore getting to experience a broader sense of the citizens- while living in the beautiful city of Cape Town.