Oxford English Academy is not just an English language academy. It is so much more than that. From the staff, to the locations, the schools and of course the students, every inch of every Oxford English Academy English language academy is designed and utilised to take you to where you want to be.

Our English language academy is the prefect way to achieve future success. Our staff, locations and students all help you to achieve your English goals.

Our English Language Academy Staff

The core of any school is its staff and not just the teachers. We greet students with respect from the moment they enter Oxford English Academy. This could be at our schools in in Oxford, Cape Town, Vladivostok or Bangkok.

The teachers are all highly qualified with a minimum requirement of a CELTA qualification. Teachers also have training in specialized areas such as business English and IELTS exam preparation.

Our English Language Academy Location and Schools

You may not know but Oxford English Academy is worldwide. We have schools in South Africa, England, the middle East and Asia. Our schools aren’t in random places somewhere in a country. Each school is in a strategic place. This is to aid the learning process and to provide each student with the best possible experience. The campus in South Africa, for example is located flat bang in the heart of Cape Town, on Long Street in the middle of the CBD. It doesn’t get more central than this and from the school you have access to pretty much everything Cape Town has to offer.

Our English Language Academy Students

No school is a school without students and this, understandably, makes the students the most important part of Oxford English Academy. We treat each student as an individual.  This means that the staff and teachers go out of their way to make sure students feel at home. It comes as no surprise that so many students leave saying they feel like they have made a new family during their time at one of our schools.